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September 6th

August Series full results are posted above under each class. Season is over, the awards handed out, and boats put away. And your trusty Guardian of the Marks went out today and collected all the bouys for winter storage. It's a slimy job, but thank you George!

September 3rd - Sunfish

On a rainy, cold September day, Graham Duncan seized the lead and held on to win by a minute to fellow camper Kaylee Berkun who beat Ella Duncan by one second. Will closed in to come in 4th, the last official racer of the season! 1st 17 Graham Duncan 2nd 103 Kaylee Berkun +.57 3rd 27 Ella Duncan +.58 4th 42 Will Fenn +2:04. Sorry, no photos - photographers on strike.

September 2nd - Labor Day Race

Light to no winds met the SRYC's Labor Day Trophy race. The record breaking cold morning of Sept. 2 broke into a clear, not so cold, beautiful day by race time. The Ks and Ms had enough breeze for a slow, but steady start enabling at least one K around the Hoe Mark by the half hour time limit. The race was on.

Five M-20's and three K6's competed in the very light and shifty winds of the Labor Day Race. Tielman Van Vleck rigged his M-20 earlier that day just for this race and showed up in great style. After the start two K6's, skippered by Will Brown and John Reid, caught a little zephyr just beyond the Finish Line buoy and leapt ahead of the two fleets. Will Brown in K186 managed to round the Hoe Buoy just under the half hour time limit. He and John Reid in K226 chased each other up the Lake, with John Reid eventually sliding across the line at Pulpit Rock for first place in the K's. M-20's 581 and 681, skippered by Anne Van Ingen and Laura Duncan respectively, established an overlap at Garrett Point. Dodging Idems, the two sailed down before the wind, 8 feet apart and crossed at exactly the same time to share first place. This is perhaps the first time a tie for first place has occured in a major race in the long history of this Yacht Club. (AV)

Two Idems snuck across the Start line leaving the other 5 Idems in a dead spot below the line. #30 skippered by Commodore Gina Reid Maxim found just enough breeze to lead the way. Nearly 5 minutes later all Idems had managed across the starting line. Steady hands on the tillers met with steady concentration allowed the fleet to make it to the first mark, but not before seeing most of the yachts spinning at least once without control and one spinning aground. After rounding the first mark the wind gave enough push to propel the boats past the Hoe mark and continue down-wind to the Pulpit Rock mark, which had been changed to the finish line by the Race Committee Boat. #23 skippered by Nick Allen found the breeze channels necessary to hold off Idem # 31 skippered by Eric Goetzmann. Unable to find a way to pass Nick, Eric doused his jib and raised his "balloon jib". Though this looked to be a threat, #23 was able hold off the bigger jib challenge and cross the shortened Finish Line for the first place Finish capturing the Spaulding Trophy. #32 skippered by Garrett Schniewind finished not far behind for the third place prize. (JA)

Ten minutes after the Idem start, three O-Boats started and mingled and even passed some Idem stragglers on the way to the Hoe bouy. Although Sandy Trevor in O #22 had the best start, he was soon passed by Dan Goddard in O #4. At Hoe, the O's had to try to keep out of the way of barely-under-control Idems, but O-22 managed to pass O-4 and led until about 100 yards from the finish. O-4 had wisely stayed further out from Garret Point (duh!) and crept ahead to win the coveted and beautiful Dyson Duncan Trophy. (ST)

The Labor Day Race

The Labor Day Float Fest

August 31st

Cold, cold! But, a great windy day to greet the hearty. #29 skippered by Tom Conrad mastered the Start and was around Hoe in first position with #23 skippered by John Allen and #31 skippered by Eric Goetzmann close behind. After Hoe Buoy the race was on to Pulpit Rock Buoy in heavy and gusty winds. This battle found #23 rounding Windward mark ahead and in clear air to lengthen their lead. The twice around final race of the August 2017 Series resulted in the first two boats finishing just like they placed in the Series; #23 in first and #30 skippered by our Commodore Gina Reid Maxim taking the second. A good battle developed between #29, #31, and #27 skippered by Rich McGinn with #31 taking the third in this race. All competitors were happy to get back in front of their fireplaces after the race, burrrrr. JA

We love to see the crew wearing PFD's, especially on mainsheet!

Photos by Caroline Rupp

August 30th - Team Race

We had a beautiful sunny, light wind day for our Team Race this year. The red team K6 sailed by John Reid was a little to eager to start: he was over early. He restarted and was off against the green team sunfish sailed by Cheyenne!!! Chey did a great job - not too far behind the K6. At Hoe buoy, the two team Captains awaited the arrival of their teammates. Green team Captain, Rich McGinn skippered Idem #27 with the lovely Reid ladies & Jacob as crew waited for John to cross that line so they could GO!!!!! Then John in his K6 with crew member Sherry Rettew came over that Pink Flamingo line!!!! Captain of the red team, Garrett Schniewind in Idem #32 waited for Cheyenne's sunfish to breeze across the Flamingo's path. Both Idems were off racing up the lake to Pulpit Rock Buoy. Captain Rich tossed the baton to Betsy Gentry and her daughter, Katy in Scuttlebutt, the Green Team's green O-boat!!! Captain Garrett passed his baton to the JJ Berkum & lovely crew member in his M20 for the red team. The downwind leg was on!!!! They both zoomed down to Goddard buoy. Betsy flew across the pink Flamingo line to tag her green teammate Briceson Bird in a sunfish!!! While JJ sailed down to tag Christina Bellin, Grace Bellin & their Papa, Marco in the O-Boat. Both boats at this line were well behind the starting line & took a bit to actually clear the start. Once they did they were off & it was a float and race to the finish..... Green Team won with Briceson Bird crossing the line ahead of the Red Team's O-Boat by minutes. All in all, I hope the goal was attained!!! A bit of fun out on our waters.... a sincere thank you to all that participated and a big thanks to our fearless Captain's Rich McGinn & Garrett Schniewind!!!! LB

Cheyenne sails first leg for winning Green Team --- Photo by Bryan Firestone

August 29th - Double Backward Race

Little to no wind made it look doubtful for the final chance for the SRYC to have one of the newly minted August Special Races completed. The nearly dead-still wind at 2:00PM broke into a slight breeze making the Starters rethink calling the race due to lack of wind. Mercifully, the breeze built into a light to medium Southerly wind providing for a decent Broad Reach Start. The Southerly wind created this a Double Backward Race. The "Special" course was basically a backward run course. Start to Pulpit, to Hoe, to Goddard, to Start Buoy, to Finish...all Port roundings. The Southerly wind made it double jeopardy.

5 Idems, 1 K6, and 1 O Boat came to race. Since it takes two to make a race the Starter, John Allen, used his Starter's prerogative and created a "Special" Handicap Race minutes before the preparatory horn. All classes would Start together at 3:05PM. The O Boat was given a 10 minute time adjustment at the end of the race. Idem #31 skippered by Eric Goetzmann led the pack around Pulpit. The beat to Hoe Buoy provided some interesting sailing not normally seen on this lake. #31 managed to stave off the close pursuit of #27 skippered by Rich Mc Ginn and #29 skippered by Tom Conrad. #31 had a close call with the Hoe mark, however snuck around to lead the rest of the way home to a 1st place finish. #27 and #29 crossed not far behind #31 to finish 2nd and 3rd respectively. K225 skippered by Gillian Munson White pressed the Idems all throughout the race, and finished a close 4th. Gallant sailors all. JA

Photo by John Allen

August 28th - Electric Boat Race

More of a floating cocktail party, but there was an actual race if you looked carefully.

Photos by Bryan Firestone

August 26th

Every Class showed up today providing the many spectators a show of how the St. Regis Lakes embrace their sail boat racing; a tradition here for over 120 years. 3 Ks and 2 Ms started first as usual, with wind conditions that permitted them to fly their colorful spinnakers twice - down to Hoe and from Pulpit Rock to Goddard.

The Idems had decent breezes until 30 seconds before their Start gun. Not only did the wind die, but it added frustration to the competitors by shifting 45 degrees, making most Starboard boats very late crossing the line with some feeling lucky to even clear the Race Committee Boat. The wind picked up and the first leg was a duel. When the dust settled the Commodore, Gina Reid Maxim, skippering #30 once again showed her skills in difficult wind situations to capture her 3rd first place Finish of the Series. Not without a close finish from #25 skippered by George Earle, the light wind sailing master. #25 finished second with #22 skippered by Ed Hoe taking the 3rd.

Os had almost a replay of the previous race, with Betsy Gentry in O-4 leading much of the way, but Beth Berkun in O-22 flying her spinnaker again and managing to pull victory from the jaws of defeat at the last second, this time finishing only 23 seconds before O-4.

August 24th

A chilly, autumn like day met some dying winds for this August Series race. With no Ks or Ms coming to the line the Race Committee boat moved the Start times up with the Idems Starting at 3:05. The winds though light were somewhat steady out of the West. #27 skippered by Rich McGinn led the Idem pack from the start and finished first. After the Hoe mark the remaining 6 Idems fell into the dreaded Garrett Point doldrums. Then just to add a little salt into the wounds the rain came, however bringing some wind for temporary relief. Though the winds fell back to very light there was enough for a finish. #32 skippered by Garrett Schniewind captured the 2nd and #25 skippered by George Earle edged out #22 skippered by Ed Hoe for 3rd place.

Two O's played tag around the course, with O4 establishing a good lead by Pulpit Rock. But O22 flew her spinnaker on the downwind leg and caught up at the Goddard mark. O22 (Beth Berkun) led around the start mark but then dropped behind. The last leg was really exciting: at the last minute, O22 did a fake tack that O4 followed, but O22 did not actually tack and gained a boat length or so and went on to win by 37 seconds.

Photo by Sandy Trevor



August 19th -Handicap Race

Despite a rainy forecast and threatening dark clouds, this was a spectacular sailing day. Winds were consistently greater than 10 knots, with some gusts at least 20, mostly from the southwest. Sixteen yachts competed for the Lawrence Trophy - seven Idems, four K6's, two M20's and three O-Boats. Beth Berkun in O-22 was first to finish, with three Idems in hot pursuit - Rich McGinn, Tom Conrad, and John Allen, finished in that order. KayLee Berkun was fifth in O-9, followed by Dan Weld (K-186) and Margot Timbel (K-227). Complete results are in the left column under "Special Races."

Photos by Caroline Rupp

August 17th

A very light wind day greeted 7 Idems and 4 K6s to what threatened to be a "Floater", but enough of a breeze built up to start both fleets and get the 1st K around Hoe buoy in time to qualify it a race. The name of the game was "Find the Wind" and then to stay in it. Idem #25 skippered by George Earl found the right wind grove and led the Idems around Hoe and up the lake to the Pulpit Rock buoy. The Race Committee Boat exercised their power to shorten the race by setting a new Finish Line off of Reid's point. #23 skippered by John Allen coasted over the line to capture the first in front of #22 skippered by Ed Hoe in 2nd and #30 skippered by Gina Reid Maxmin in 3rd. (JA)

August 16th - Good Hope Regatta

The 4th annual Good Hope Cup - a special K6 regatta open to anyone under the age of 25 - was sailed on Wednesday under beautiful skies and a spry westerly. 12 entrants sailed a modified traditional course. K226 sailed by Luke Dzwonczyk, Sarah and JJ Berkun had the most promising position on the line but were over early at the gun. K225 sailed by MacKenzie Timbel, Peter and Cheyenne Breglia took an early lead under clear air but K223 sailed by Liz MacDougall, Blaine Dzwonczyk, Francisco and Jib Schniewind battled back on the shifty beat to Pulpit to take the lead and ultimately carry the day. Many thanks to all that came out and to the K6 fleet for supporting our next generation of skippers!

August 15th

Idems: Our Commodore, Gina Reid Maxim, does it again!!! #30, skippered by Gina with her all female crew, came from behind to sail away handily to a 1st Place finish. Tuesday's' are her day evidently...Gina captured a win last Tuesday, as well. The mostly Westerly wind was light, but steady with the predictable light spots. #23 and #32 finished 2nd and 3rd in that order. (JA)

Photos by Caroline Rupp


August 13th - Trevor Trophy Race

On this beautiful Sunday with ideal conditions - fair skies and moderate wind, seventeen Sunfish showed up for the 2017 Trevor Trophy Race, including two Juniors, who got a 5 minute head start. Junior Ella Duncan in #42 quickly pulled into the lead, and maintained it half way to Pulpit Rock. Cheyenne Breglia in #103 then took the lead and was first around Pulpit Rock. On the way down to Goddard, #51 sailed by Will Brown, passed her and went on to win the trophy. Cheyenne took second place, followed by Ned Courtemanche in #8. Junior Ella Duncan came in a very respectable 7th place in the fleet of 17. See "Sunfish" above for full results.

The fleet at Hoe Buoy

Ella in the lead passing Garret Point

Cheyenne cooly checks out the competition closing in from behind

Will Brown about to pass Cheyenne

The winner, Will Brown, takes his victory with calm satisfaction Photos by Sandy Trevor


August 12th

Shifty winds made the line at the Start a Port favored tack. #23 started on Starboard, nearly at the Starter's boat, and tacked immediately onto Port along with the rest of the fleet on Port as well. This Committee Boat Start allowed #23 to reach the Finish Mark in first position, which she maintained until mid-way up the lake to Pulpit Rock Mark. #32 skipper by Garrett Schniewind and #29 skippered by Tom Conrad, took the lead on the down wind leg to the Goddard Mark. #23 recaptured the lead the second rounding of the Finish Mark and maintained her lead finishing in first position. #29 and #32 finished second and third in that order.

O-4 and O-22 battled back and forth for the lead until Reid Point. Then Kaylee Berkun on O-24 got her spinnaker pulling, and sailed past both of them to finish first.

Idem start
Photos above by Margot Timbel

Photos by Caroline Rupp


August 10th

On a clear day 7 Idems met the match of medium winds slowing to light winds in the twice around race. The normal frustrating down wind leg caused several changes in positions of most of the boats. Although #23 led to Pulpit, #25 skippered by George Earle, led the pack around Goddard in time to make it twice around. The second time around Goddard found #23 in front. The Committee Boat wisely shorten the race by setting the finish line between the Starting Mark and the newly anchored Committee Boat. #25 strategically split tacks with #23. #23 covered. #29 skippered by Tom Conrad, split tacks the other way providing Allen with a potential dilemma; who to cover? The Starboard tack #25 and #23 were on seemed favored, and Allen continued to cover Earle in a tacking duel to the line. #23 prevailed to pull off the victory. #25 finished 2nd with #29 taking the 3rd.

In the O class, Beth Berkun in O-22 and Philip Gentry in O-4 both had good starts, and entered a tacking duel toward the first mark. But O-22 made the mark in fewer tacks and pulled ahead, maintaining and growing the lead to the finish. Meribeth Dzwonczyk started late in O-17 and finished third.

Four K's and three M20s competed, with Margot Timbel winning the K contest and Grahan Duncan getting the gun for the M's.

Photos by Caroline Rupp

August 8th

Controversy over adding two Tuesday races to the August series was not mentioned on this beautiful blue-sky day with moderate winds. Four K6's and five Idems started. Ned Timbel finished first in K227 in just under an hour and a quarter.

"The Ladies of Kaze", skippered by our Commodore Gina Reid Maxmin, sailed into first position on the second time around the Pulpit Rock buoy. From there #30 zoomed to a commanding lead to take 1st Place. John Allen, skippering #23, managed to crawl back from last position to capture a 2nd Place spot. Tom Conrad in #29 followed with the 3rd.

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE: One yacht was disqualified for lack of required PFD's. Please always come to the line properly equipped with all required safety gear.

Photos above by Caroline Rupp

Photo by Sandy Trevor

Photo above & below by Meri-Beth Dzwonczyck
Kaze wins!
Photo by Margot Timbel

August 6th - Sunfish

Nine boats with one junior was a great showing! Good winds pushed the boats around the course in great time. Next week is the Trevor Trophy, weather permitting with the makeup race the following Sunday if needed.


August 5th

A blustery, shifty day met the sailors on Sat. August 5th, jump-starting the August Series into an exciting race (the first scheduled race on August 3rd was abandoned due to storms in the area). Many boats were seeking calmer spots to rest their boats and crew before the race. Then the fun began.

Five K6's and two M-20's crowded the starting line, with some K's struggling to stay upright in the strong puffs. K 227 zipped around the course twice to finish in just over an hour 6 minutes to take first in the K class. Laura Duncan in M 681 was the first M, in 1:11:59, faster than all the K's except #227. (Looking for a volunteer to write M & K races summaries).

Return to Former Glory: The Idems greeted an old friend back into the Fleet. Eric Goetzmann, skippering Water Sprite #31, showed off his newly refurbished yacht to everyone's delight in seeing her return in such fine condition. Eric also showed he hasn't lost his talented seamanship by starting first off the line and maintaining a high position for most of the race. #31 was overtaken by John Allen, skippering #23, as they rounded the first mark. #23 went on to a substantial lead and captured first place. For the rest of the fleet as is often proven in sail boat racing; "It ain't over until its over". Once again, #32 skippered by Garrett Schniewind and #30 with our Commodore Gina Reid at the helm, stayed relentlessly in the middle of the pack climbing into second and third place after the final rounding of the last mark, and finishing in that respective order. (Deja vu from the Commodore's Cup the week before.) The winning Idem skipper wants to commend his somewhat exhausted crew: Lawrie Bird on Jib, David Allen-Hughes on the Main, Jessica Harvey and Jim Birch acting as back-stay crew, "lookouts", and in one case "ship engineers". Idems don't sail very well without capable crew. A big shout out goes to all the crew who braved sailing yesterday. JA

Most exciting of all was the O-Boat race. Beth Berkun in O-22 made an audacious start by jibing around the committee boat and sliding in ahead of Marco Bellin in O-17 and Margot Timbel in O-19. Beth and Marco were neck and neck around the course until the last leg. Marco split tacks, trying to get Beth to cover, but she was in position to make the finish line so did not take the bait. She finished first, with Marco a good 40 seconds later, and Margot third. After the race Marco (an experienced Idem sailor) remarked that sailing O-Boats well is not as easy as it looks.

Tom Conrad is back in the game with Pulpit Rocket!
And Water Sprite is back sailing on St Regis!
All photos by Caroline Rupp except Idem #31 by Beth Allen


August 3rd

The 1st scheduled race of the 2017 August Series was Abandoned by a Call made by the Starter on the Committee Boat at 3:17PM. There was thunder and lightening observed in the area. The Starter determined it was potentiality unsafe to be on the lake on this weather sketchy day. Specific weather on our lake continues to demonstrate an independent streak. Though it looked threatening the rest of the afternoon, no rain nor lightening visited Upper St. Regis Lake.

It may be interesting to note that the Judge and the Regatta Committee can cancel, abandon, or postpone any race, but not before "one and one-half hours before the scheduled time of the first preparatory gun". Once on the race course the Judge may abdicate this power to the Starter and the Race Committee Boat. The Starter may postpone or abandon. Though seldom done on this lake, the Judge, the Regatta Committee, and Starter can postpone for 5 minutes, 30 minutes, or even until another day. Once a race is abandoned, it will not be raced again...except in special situations. Today's race was abandoned.

July 30th - Sunfish

Another gorgeous day with fun winds for the Sunfish on Upper St Regis. Today's race was an interesting one with two juniors out to an early lead and all the boats finishing within two minutes after a 52 minute race. Ella Duncan led most of the race, then fell back to third. She retook the lead as she approached the finish but was edged out by Margot at the line.

July 29th - Commodore's Cup & Goddard Trophy

Great sailing weather, finally. Seven Idems, 3 O's, and two K's turned out for the race. Beth Berkun in O-22 had the best start and gave O4 a good chase, but Betsy Gentry won the Goddard Trophy handily. Rear Commodore Margot Timbel won the K6 contest, with Cort Corbin not far behind in K 225.

The Idem class has some unwanted excitement just before the start, but Judge John Allen has provided this report:

The Annual Commodore's race was greeted by beautiful Adirondack summer skies with light winds building into medium breezes by the gun. 7 Idems came to the line, but sadly only 5 started. Minutes before the Start #22 crashed into #29 putting a gaping hole in #29's Starboard side, midships. Within minutes Tom Conrad's boat was submerged. Luckily no one was injured and he got her to his dock with the quick help of spectators. The rest of the story brings evidence of "It Takes a Village". (See full follow) The Idem Start was not delayed. John Allen's #23 jumped out to an early lead. Ultimately #23 won, but not without continued pressure form Rich McGinn and his crew on #27 throughout the day. After Goddard Buoy the Idem race became more interesting resulting in a very exciting Finish. As #23 led #27 to the left side of the course, the wind oscillated more north making it difficult to make the Starting mark in one tack by #23 and #27. #32, skippered by Garrett Schniewind, and #30, skippered by Gina Reid, recognized the shift as they rounded Goddard buoy and were swiftly carried to the next mark in front of Allen and McGinn. Rounding the Start buoy in first position, Schniewind led the way on wind abeam to broad reach with Gina closing in on his windward side. As 32 went higher to protect his wind, #23 dove deep to #32's leeward side to eke out the win with only 6 seconds to spare. Not many more seconds separated #32, #30, and # 27, finishing in that order.

Stylish jib handling - casual
... or forceful

above photos by Ellen Trevor

Photos by Beth Allen

. "It takes a village"


July 21st Juniors Race

Perfect sailing weather for the Juniors' first race of the season. O4 and O19 enjoyed a good breeze under scattered clouds.


Photos above by Cheyenne Breglia


Committee Boat

O-Boats can heel over almost as much as an Idem!


July 4th Sunfish Race

Seven Sunfish skippers were greeted by ideal sailing conditions for the opening race of the 120th racing season of the St Regis Yacht Club. Competition was intense on an abbreviated course on Upper St Regis. A great breeze under dramatic scattered-to-broken clouds made for a beautiful spectacle for sailors and observers alike. Graham Duncan finished first, followed by Nathaniel Brown, Will Fenn, Taylor White, Cheyenne Breglia, Jib Schniewind, and Ella Duncan.

Great breeze before the start

George counts down to the start

They're off

Cheyenne on a windward leg

Graham maintains his early lead ahead of Nathaniel

Team Tegan zooming downwind

Graham on the final leg, wins the race
Photos by Ellen Trevor


120th Season - Commodore's Letter

April 24, 2017

Dear St. Regis Yacht Club Member,

Welcome to the 120th year of racing on our lakes! One hundred and twenty years is a milestone, and our founders would be proud that our boats are still afloat and our traditions are going strong more than a century later! I am looking forward to a summer that favors us with fair skies and more wind than last year!

It is my pleasure to introduce two families who are being proposed for membership. Warren Claytor, his wife, Caroline, and Children: Pepper, Ash, and Archer, who have been renting the Kimberly's Toad Hall for many years. Dr. Gerald Smaldone and his wife, Arlene, live on Lower St. Regis and have been our neighbors for several years.

Additionally, summer members Lisa Abbot Walsh and Andrew Hawkins are being proposed for full membership. They are the new owners of the Mullin's camp. Please join me in welcoming these families!

The Annual Meeting of the St. Regis Yacht Club will be held on Saturday, July 29th at 10:00 am at Camp Wild Air. We hope to see many of you there!

The Labor Day Tea will be held at Camp Wild Air on Sunday, September 3rd at 5:00 pm.


July Races:

The Commodores Cup and the Marg Goddard O Boat Race will be held on Saturday, July 29th at 1:00 pm. Please note, the earlier start time is to accommodate those who wish to attend the Adirondack Museum's Annual Gala held in Blue Mountain Lake.

August Series:

The idea of an expanded race schedule was proposed and discussed by the Board. The goal is to provide as many race days as our members would like, and to have the opportunity to race more when we are plagued by cancellations due to bad weather or lack of wind. We decided to poll all the fleets to determine if they would like to add 4 additional races to the August Series. The results were mixed with M-20's and O Boats voting "no" and K-6 and Idems voting "yes".

The board has decided to add TWO additional series races on Tuesdays, August 8th and 15th for the Idems and K-6 classes only. This year, the Idems and K-6's will sail 10 series races while the M-20's and O boats will sail 8 series races. If M's or O's choose to race on the additional days, we will start them but the race will not count towards their series score.

We will hold TWO stand-alone trophy races on Tuesdays, August 22nd and 29th for all classes. These races are designed to be fun, and we are open to ideas to make them different. Perhaps sail the course backwards?

Please check the calendar on our website: for a complete listing of all our summer races and activities.


Due to the addition of two races to the August series for Idems and K-6's , Local Rule K: Scoring, has been modified by the Regatta Committee. The new rule reads as follows:

"For the August Series, final placement shall be determined by the sum of the races for each yacht, except that in the event there are 8 or more races completed, each yacht shall throw out her two worst scores; and if 6 or 7 races are completed she shall throw out her worst score, in both cases counting first those races in which she ranked as a starter before considering races not sailed. In the event that only 5 or fewer races are completed, all shall count. To count a race, a minimum number of yachts must rank as starters. This number shall be determined by each class, and any changes shall be posted at the Landing and the club website. At present the number for all classes is two."


A new racing rulebook is available this year. The Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-2020 will be available at our annual meeting. Our Judge will discuss any rule changes that may apply to us.


The Board of Governor's has voted to raise dues to $65 per member and $75 per camp as of May 1, 2017. After nearly fifteen years of holding fees steady, we feel it is necessary to implement the increase so we can continue to provide activities and special events for our members.

The Board and our Treasurer are committed to creating procedures that reduce the possibility of errors. Cash payment of dues will no longer be accepted. Additionally, payments must be submitted to the address noted on your bill. Please do not hand your payment to the treasurer at the lake.

Late payment and non-payment of dues has increasingly become an issue which poses an unnecessary burden on our treasurer and board. Please pay your dues on time in order to remain eligible to participate in Yacht Club events.

We value our members, but if you no longer wish to maintain your membership, you must resign in writing by email or regular mail to the address noted on your bill.


The Yacht Club awards our beautiful traveling trophies each year, and we hope the lucky winners have enjoyed displaying them! As steward, please be sure to return the trophy polished, engraved, and in excellent condition to Camp Wild Air no later than Tuesday, August 29th.


Our starters our invaluable! Thank you to Mary Courtemanche, Mike Quennell, George Earle and all who have volunteered on the committee boat! We need more help - no experience needed! Our veterans will show you what to do, and I hear they provide snacks! Our goal is to reach one volunteer per camp! Please contact Mary or Mike if you would like to enjoy an afternoon on the water and help start a race!


Lawrie Bird Firestone and Garrett Schniewind are again at the helm of the sailing clinics. Clinics are open to members and their guests and will begin on Monday, July 17th. If you have questions please email Garrett at or Lawrie at A link to SignUpGenius will be sent out soon.


The 2017 Directory is available on our website: User name and password are in the emailed copy of this letter. Please make sure your listing is correct, and send any updates including: home address, email, phone number, and new birth announcements to our Secretary, Garrett Schniewind at


It is with great sadness that I must inform you of the passing of Lawrence B. Van Ingen III.

It is an honor to serve as your commodore, and I look forward to seeing everyone out on the lake this summer!


Gina Reid