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Sunday, September 1 - Labor Day Tea

A few sprinkles did nothing to dampen spirits at the magnificent Labor Day Tea at Lone Tree Camp. Thanks so much to Commodore Taylor White and Gillian for arranging and hosting this wonderful end-of-season event.

Saturday, August 31 - Labor Day Race

Ideal sailing weather for the final race of the season: a good breeze with plenty of St Regis variability to make it interesting, and dramatic skies for photography. A fun afternoon for sailors and observers.


Photos above by Caroline Trevor Rupp, below by S Trevor


Thursday, August 29 - August Series

The last race of the 2019 Series had the first 3 Idems finishing in keeping with the Series results. #29, #23, #22 finishing this race and the Series in that order. The day was a lot like most of the 2019 racing days. Beautiful skies and decent winds graced our race days soon to leave a foggy memory of the results. A wonderful racing summer.
John F. Allen

Four O-Boats also competed today, with the Goddard/Gentry #4 winning the race and the August series.

Photos by Caroline Trevor Rupp


Tuesday, August 27 - Special Race

Tuesday's Special Race had a "special" Starting Line, which under our historically prevailing wind would give a nice long Beat for the first leg. George Earle suggested a different Starting Line to be set between Walker's Bay and Birch Island. This provided lots of room for pre-starting maneuvers. Unfortunately, a lot of our winds (particularly this year) have been SW, which forced the Committee Boat with no alternative but to set an obvious Port-Reach Start. So no big competitive, beating up the lake race. Two other course changes were made for this race. One was to round what was to be our Upwind Mark to Port. This turned out to be an unimpressive difference with the SW wind. The other change was to eliminate the normal Starting Buoy. This too proved uneventful.

Two Ks showed up with the Timbels taking the first. Four Idems enjoyed the moderate winds with Mackenzie Timbel, Lawrie Bird-Firestone and Nick Allen assisting John Allen on #23 to take a first; the Schniewind Boat close behind took the 2nd. Only 1 O-Boat braved the day, so no race for that class.
Back to the "regular course" for the final 2019 August Series on Thursday. But, it was fun to try a new course.

Monday, August 26 - Electric Boat Race

Not everyone heard the 'go back' horn and nearly drove to the end of Averill Spring Bay before reversing course. Next year hopefully we'll have the cannon again.

Photos by Caroline Trevor Rupp


Saturday, August 24 - August Series

"It's not over 'til it's over"
Well, it was actually over at the first mark as Michael Bird with John Reid started briskly and were never behind. Nice!
The Ks have had close sailing many times this summer - with many lead changes both up wind and downwind. Saturday was no exception to this theme. Dan Weld in #186 was in the lead when the bedevilment of Reid Point claimed his wind and boat speed. Gillian Munson White in #225 passed #227 downwind and held her spinnaker run to Birch Island before dowsing and rounding Goddard smoothly and making it ahead of #227 to the Starting Buoy. Ned reached to the Finish Buoy to leeward of Chris Maxmin and Gillian, a lucky wind pressure increase arrived and the blanket effect of Idem #22 combined to put Ned in the lead for the first time all race. First for #227. While the Ks chattered on the line about the turn of events in the last 50 yards of the race, we wondered whey there was no gun for the fast closing Idem #29. Then we realized they were still racing and skedaddled off the line.
by Margot Timbel

What promised to be a light air day fulfilled it's promise on Sat. afternoon. The North to sometimes North East wind made for some adjustments in Starting at the normal starting line. #23 approaching on Port was able to make a Starboard tack in time to position herself into a clean, clear-air start. #23 rounded the 1st mark in good stead with #25, skippered by George Earle, giving pursuit. After Hoe Buoy a mainsheet malfunction while jibing pushed #23 much lower than she wanted giving her the frustration of watching her lead evaporate to 5th. #29, skippered by Tom Conrad, though rounding Hoe Mark in 5th, had a perfect rounding and sailed way high of the boats ahead...but, not ahead for long. Being high was the right strategy. #29 sailed on a Starboard tack "right up the lake" leaving the others to tack to reach Pulpit Rock Buoy. #29 was "gone"; two laps later she won by easy margin. The rest of the fleet had many fun back and forths. #23 crawled back into the lead of the rest and finished 2nd ahead of a "too close to call" 3rd. #22, skippered by Ed Hoe and #30, skippered by Gina Reid tied for 3rd. Both getting 3.5 points, if you were wondering.

Once again we were treated to the sight of four beautiful O Boats sailing the course, with Philip Gentry taking first, followed by Christina Bellin, Laura Duncan and Matt Baker.


Thursday, August 22 - August Series

Tom Conrad returned this week to helm #29 pushing the Thain/White boat into the lead for the Series. It seemed like "deja vu all over again". With Taylor White calling tactics and handling the jib and John Thain masterfully manning the main sheet, Team 29 seems impossible to beat. If you need convincing look at their record in 2018.
Unfortunately #22, skippered by Ed Hoe, broke a side stay before the race, which left only three other Idems to fight it out for the balance of the points. There was plenty of back and forth between #30, skippered by Gina Reid, #32, skippered by Garrett Schniewind, and #23, skippered by John Allen. Of those three boats #32 led most of the race however with some lucky maneuvering on the final leg #23 crossed 4 seconds ahead #32 to captured the second. There is nothing more exciting in a sail boat race that a tacking duel to the Finish.
John F. Allen

After some initial jostling for the lead, all three K6 boats spread out. Dan Weld proved that hiking out on a spinnaker run works only when your feet are already secure in the hiking straps. His brief swim did not, however, at this point in the race, change the order of yachts. In first place, Margot Timbel in #227, Dan Weld second in #186, followed by Gillian Munson in #225. - -Kathryn Weld

Four O Boats raced today (best turnout since August 3rd). Laura Duncan and Dan Goddard treated spectators to a spectacular finish, with Laura finishing a mere 9 seconds ahead of Dan.

Tuesday, August 20 - August Series

An exciting day for the K6 class in extremely fluky winds. Each of the competitors held first place for some leg of the race. But at the finish line, first place went to Ned Timbel in #227, second to Gillian Munson in #225, and 3rd to Nathaniel Brown in #186. Quote of the day: On leg two, Gillian Munson led all the way to Garrett point , whereupon the wind died. Munson: "I'm done. That was the best sailing I've had all year. "
Kathryn Weld

Four Idems and at least eight spectator boats showed up for this beautiful, perfect sailing day on St. Regis - the kind of day that reminds us why we love the Adirondacks. Idem #29 skippered by Tom Conrad handily won, finishing almost 10 minutes before #32, skippered by Garrett Schniewind.


Sunday, August 18 - Trevor Trophy Race

The Trevor Trophy race turned into a Weld family outing, taking the first three spots, with a good wind to push the eleven boats around the senior course in under an hour. Highlights included Taylor White trying to sneak behind Birch Island to no advantage. The spectator fleet included numerous Loons and some errant kayak paddlers. George Earle


Saturday, August 17 - Handicap Race

Laura Duncan in an O Boat started with a 16 minute advantage over the Idems, 18 minutes over the M's and 20 minutes over the K-6's, an apparent insurmountable lead. Her lead diminished at Hoe Buoy due to flukey winds, but she continued to lead to the Pulpit Rock Buoy. She was overtaken by Idem 23, skippered by John Allen, on the downwind leg. George Earle in Idem 25 was in great shape until he ran aground on Whitey's Island (first time this year) letting the rest of the fleet catch up, but recovered to round Pulpit Rock in third, just ahead of a massed fleet of plastic and wood boats. #25 and #29 (skippered by the Commodore Taylor White) benefited from some opportune wind shifts and puffs to separate from the rest of the fleet and overtake Laura in the only O Boat near the Goddard mark. One lone K-6 sailed by Carter (skipper) and McKenzie Timbel, broke from the pack around Reid Point to challenge the lead boats and eventually pass #25 and Laura near the starting buoy on the way to the finish line. #23 held on to win with Taylor in #29 second, Timbels third, #25 fourth and Laura Duncan fifth. The rest of the fleet finished enmass a few minutes later, all within about a minute, with boats running aground and some possible boarding incidents-a good day not to be on the committee boat keeping track of positioning!

George Earle

Thursday, August 15 - August Series

Three K6s came out for fluky winds. After a competitive race to Pulpit Rock, #186, sailed by Sheldon Brown, struggling with spinnaker macramé, eventually placed third. In #225, Gillian Munson and crew Mackenzie Timbel speed-sailed deep down wind through the dead air of Birch Island and almost caught winner Carter Timbel in #227.
by Kathy Weld

In the O class, Betsy Gentry was the winner and Christina Bellin took second place.

For the Idems, Ed Hoe was first in the fleet of seven competitors.

Tuesday, August 13 - Team Race

A nice breeze and a lovely day greeted the three teams for this fun race, won by the White Team. (See score sheet in left column under "Special Races."

Sunday, August 4 & 11 - Sunfish

August 4th's Sunday Sunfish racing was held on Upper St. Regis with six boats competing in a three race format hosted by Committee Boat Taylor White. The course was set with Graham Duncan's temporary buoys used in Sailing Camp allowing for a windward/leeward/windward course and a triangular course (windward, downwind reaching and windward). The buoys were placed roughly between the Reid and Allen Camps. Each race was scored using the same protocol as in the August Series races. Margot Timbel finished 3rd, 4th and 1st for a third place overall. Graham Duncan finished first, second and third for a second overall. And Will Brown ("Speedy Upwind") finished second, first, and second. There were no Junior racers out. Berkeley Rhoads represented the teenagers with his always cheerful spirit on the course. Everyone was headed for the dock before 3 PM.

Sunday August 11th had stout winds greet ten boats. The first to the course were four girls who love to sail: Ella Duncan, Blaine Dzwonczyk, Mackenzie Timbel and Margot Timbel. Blaine had a pre race capsize - all got soaked so she just got soaked earlier. At 1:51 while the racing was in progress, the Adirondack Regional Airport recorded winds out of the west at 13 mph gusting to 21! There was quite a chop at the starting line from all the reaching and planing back and forth across the line. There were abundant crossings and intersections, some fouls and turns taken, some buoys nudged or nearly mowed down - it was windy! Everyone had big grins on their faces when they weren't white-knuckling it past the Committee Boat team of Taylor and Teagan White. Junior Ella Duncan raced with the seniors and had a great day out there. In third place overall, Graham Duncan with a 5th, 4th and 1st place finish. In second place, Will Brown with a 4th, 1st and 3rd. Carter Timbel ("Tall T") finished first with a 1st, 2nd and 2nd.

There is an August Series Race in the big boats on Thursday and the Handicap Race is scheduled for Saturday August 17. The next Sunfish Race is the Trevor Trophy to be sailed on Upper St. Regis on the regular course on August 18th starting at 1:30 PM. George Earle and Sandy Trevor will be on the Committee Boat at the Starting Buoy. Don't miss that wonderful competition and be ready for an on time five minute warning gun at 1:30 (Juniors start at 1:35 and Seniors start at 1:39).
by Margot Timbel

Saturday, August 10 - August Series

The Heroes today were the Crews!!!!!

A very blustery day with many strong puffs made it a day of Seamanship more than a tactical day. The crews were the heros of the day. Without crews there would be no races, of course. Saturday just put an exclamation mark behind that!!!
No position more powerfully apparent than the Main Sheet on an Idem. Reportedly, puffs up to 25 miles per hour put all muscles to the test. Numerous Idems were on their sides---numerous times! Jibes were breathtaking, if not heart stopping.

Spectating was spectacular. (See photo of an Idem on her side. Photo thanks to Joel Hamilton of the Fenn Camp.)

The Main Man of the day was #29's John Thain. He, and skipper Taylor White, mastered the day and took first place among the Idems. #22, skippered by Ed Hoe, and #23, skippered by John Allen, finishing in that order crossing exhausted and wet. A hot tub would have been a good place to critique this race. After running aground #32, skippered by Garrett Schniewind, was the other finisher. #27, which was in the mix with all the other struggling boats, broke her gaff yoke causing skipper Rich McGinn to retire with a DNF. The other Idem to brave the day was #25, skippered by George Earle, who decided against starting in face of the potentially dangerous day, received a DNS score.

The K6s also had an exciting day. According to the Timbels they were hitting 15 miles per hour. That is flying! Carter offered this, "It was a day of spinnaker challenges. The main challenge was not to get over powered." #227, Skippered by Carter Timbel, and father Ned as crew, masterfully took the honors of first place. Followed by another son/father team. Will Brown, skippering #186, and father Sheldon as crew finished 2nd. #225, skippered by Tielman Van Vleck with the assist by Gillian Munson White, finished 3rd.

In the M20s there were finally two! We have ourselves a race. Michael Bird, skippering #670, swooped over the line to capture the first. With #581, skippered by Anne Van Ingen, taking the 2nd. The Series score after 5 races....drum roll... .75 to 2. Safe to say "anyone's Series."

Two O-Boats finished maybe somewhat more safely with #4, skippered by Philip Gentry, capturing the first. #9, skippered by Sam Eisenberg, taking second.

A day to remember. It's kind of one of those days that makes waiting those other 10 months worth the wait.

Click on any small photo for larger image

Top photo by ABT, next 3 by Ellen Trevor, rest by Caroline Rupp


Thursday, August 8 - August Series

Thursday was a beautiful day to race. Michael Bird sailing an M20 had another exciting day as he capsized moments before finishing the race. He did right his ship, and crossed the Finish line, if but a little wet. Unfortunately to no points, as he was the only M20.

Three K6's had an exciting race, trading leads throughout the afternoon. In the end. Will Brown in #186 took first. In second place, Ned Timbel in #227 narrowly edged out Tielman Van Vleck in #225 by 4 seconds.

The Items saw #29, skippered by Taylor White, returning to their former glory for the win. #32, skippered by Garrett Schniewind, took the 2nd. Three of the Idems spent more time in the Protest Room than on the race course with the standings left unchanged.

Best of all was the "O" race. 13 year old Christina Bellin won her first senior race in #17. She was trailing the whole race, came around Goddard 2nd and out tacked the #4 boat to win by 15 boat lengths. Congratulations Christina!

Photos above by Caroline Rupp; below by Alex J Trevor
Click on any small photo for larger image


Tuesday, August 6 - August Series

It Takes A Village
The Regatta Chairman found himself without Starter's for the 1st Tues. Series Race. Many pleas were made to no result for this race (many promises for future races, though). When it was time to meet my crew on the dock, I announced, "We aren't sailing today". Shocked faces all asked. "Why?" The response, "We have no one to Start the race. So, I have to Start the race".

The hero of the day immediately stood up and said, "I'll Start it". This sailor had been looking forward to being on an Idem, but he didn't hesitate. This hero is Briceson Bird. However, he would need help. Time was ticking away. 2 K6s and 4 other Idems were already in the starting area wondering where the Committee Boat was. Lily Allen-Hughes was amongst the dock crowd, but she had to stay with Annabelle (20 months). Lily had run the Sailing Clinic one summer a long time ago and she would be great help for Briceson, but she couldn't leave Camp. Another hero appeared. Our housekeeper, Jamie, over heard the commotion. She came down to the dock and offered to watch Annabelle. Lily jumped into our Whaler with Briceson, they dashed over to the Reid's to steal the Junior's Starter's bag, sped to set anchor -a near perfect perpendicular to the wind starting line, announced a Starting Delay of 10 minutes. What a team, and what great community spirit. Briceson has a spot on my boat anytime. One yellow flag, one air horn, and an iPhone got the the boats off to the races. A huge thanks to Lily and Briceson!!!!!! [Text thanks to John Allen]

Photo by Lily Allen-Hughes


Saturday, August 3 - August Series

A picture is worth a 1000 words. Thanks to Caroline Rupp, the picture perfect day of last Sat. has been captured for all to enjoy. Nice breezes off the mountain(isn't that where they are suppose to be?) provided some great legs. Does Climate Change change the wind, too? Maybe so, but not Saturday. Enjoy the photos, as the sailors enjoyed the day.

Saturday looked to have two M20s racing, but a mishap to Michael Bird's M before the Start left Anne Van Ingen to race the only M with the three K6s, but unfortunately with no M20 points to award. Nat Brown sailed away with a win in the Ks with Margo Timbel taking second and Gillian Munson taking a third.

The Idems spread out a bit more Saturday with #23, skippered by John Allen, sailing across to the win, nudging out #22, skippered by Ed Hoe, who took the second. Third place was #27, skippered by Rich McGinn.

The O-Boats were well represented with four boats racing. Ya Hoo! The first two boats had a Photo Finish with Millie Baker sneaking past Fletcher Fernau by one second. Christina Bellin took the 3rd with Brad Hawkins finishing fourth. A great turn out for the beloved Os. [Text thanks to John Allen]

Photos by Caroline Rupp


Thursday, August 1 - August Series

Another picture perfect Adirondack summer day greeted 6 Idems, 2 Ks, and one lonely O-Boat. The Ks completed their once around in less than an hour providing Ned Timbel and his capable crew, Vice Commodore Margo Timbel, with first place.

The Idems on the other hand raced for nearly two-hours leaving all participants exhausted, but exhilarated by the finish. Idem #22, skippered by Ed Hoe led the 120 year old One-Design beauties until the second, long & wicked run to Goddard. The first three Idems crossed the shortened finish line separated by only 33 seconds, and the whole fleet finished within a minute after. Such a tightly grouped fleet provided for a particularly tactical rounding of the last mark(Goddard).

Then the race to the wire was on. Idem #23, skippered by John Allen, separated from the pack to slip over the line in front of #29, skippered by Commodore Taylor White. Idem #30, skippered by Staff Commodore Gina Reid, captured the 3rd place finish 17-seconds later. It is a testament to the skill of all SRYC sailors that after nearly 2-hours of racing a fleet of sailboats can finish that tightly.


Saturday, July 27 - Commodore's Regatta

A gloriously beautiful day welcomed 5 Idems to the line to compete for the Commodore's trophy. Most of the Fleet approached the starting line on Starboard only to be fooled yet again by the shifty winds of St. Regis. A huge header put a Starboard start at a significant disadvantage, as it turned out. Number 25, Skippered by George Earle, had a brilliant Port start never having to look back. Mostly south west winds filled with shifts and dead spots made for a challenging race. #25 seem to have the challenge in command and continued to led the whole race to win the Commodore's Cup for 2019. [Thx to J. Allen]

In addition, two K-6's raced along with one M20. Only a single O Boat showed up, so the Marg Goddard trophy will not be awarded this year.

Three k6's lead the way

#27, didn't you listen to Dave Perry?

25, 27, 29 and 23 jostle for position before the start
25 and 32 have a good start

You've never seen this before: two Allen Idems, racing side by side
Where are the other O Boats? Photos by Sandy Trevor


Wednesday, July 10 - Commodore's Letter

Dear St. Regis Yacht Club Member,

Welcome to the 122nd year of racing on our lakes! After a winter that stretched well into the spring at the lake, warmer weather and the sun have finally arrived.

The Annual Meeting of the St. Regis Yacht Club will be held on Saturday, July 27th at 10:00 am at Lone Tree Camp. We hope to see many of you there! This year we will be voting on an amendment to our constitution. The goal is to create a path for former members to rejoin the yacht club. The proposed language is:

Requests to reinstate membership must be made in writing via letter/email to the Secretary of the Club who will present it at the next meeting of the Board of Governors. The Board may vote on requests and any candidate who receives 75% of votes in favor will be reinstated. Reinstatement fee will be equal to two years dues plus the current year. Membership will be active when fees are received by the Treasurer.

The Labor Day Tea will be held at Lone Tree Camp on Sunday, September 1st at 5:00 pm.


July Races:

The Commodores Cup and the Marg Goddard O Boat Race will be held on Saturday, July 27th at 2:00 pm. Please note, the earlier start time is to accommodate those who wish to attend the Adirondack Museum?s Annual Gala held in Blue Mountain Lake.

August Series:

Please check the calendar on our website: for a complete listing of all our summer races and activities.


There are no major rule changes this year.


Annual bills were sent in May. Please help us keep our records updated by letting us know about changes in your family or when a junior member reaches the age of sixteen and becomes a senior member. As we discussed at last year?s annual meeting, there is a modest increase in dues this year. This will be happening at more regular intervals to offset the rising operating costs.

We value our members, but if you no longer wish to maintain your membership, you must resign in writing by email or regular mail to the address noted on your bill.


The Yacht Club awards our beautiful traveling trophies each year, and we hope the lucky winners have enjoyed displaying them! As steward, please be sure to return the trophy polished, engraved, and in excellent condition to Lone Tree Camp no later than Tuesday, August 27th.


Our starters are invaluable, and we need volunteers!! No experience needed! Our veterans will show you what to do. Our goal is to reach one volunteer per camp! Thank you to Mary Courtemanche, Mike Quennell, George Earle and all who have volunteered on the committee boat! Please contact Mary or Mike if you would like to enjoy an afternoon on the water and help start a race! In some exciting news, albeit not for Lawrie Bird Firestone, who has been dealing with the DMV, the Gentrys/Goddards have donated their barge to the yacht club to be the starters' boat. This will enable the starters to have some continuity and ease to be prepared for their duties on race days.


Lawrie Bird Firestone and Lily and David Allen-Hughes are at the helm of the sailing clinics. Clinics are open to members and their guests and will begin on Monday, July 22nd. If you have questions please email Lawrie at The sailing clinics will once again be led by Graham Duncan and myself. It is a joy to work with your children, grandchildren and guests. Beyond learning how to sail and ensure the future of or yacht club, the participants begin to forge life-long friendships with each other.


The first races of the Junior series will be on Friday, July 19th and the first meeting will be at the Duncan Camp. Their election of officers will take place the following week, on Friday July 26th at their meeting.


The 2019 Directory is available on our website: Access instructions are in the email version of this letter, or you may contact any officer. Please make sure your listing is correct, and send any updates including: home address, email, phone number, and new birth announcements to our Secretary, Lawrie Bird Firestone at


It is with great sadness that I must inform you of the passing of Mr. Gregg Rettew and Mrs. Judith Duncan.

It is an honor to serve as your commodore, and I look forward to seeing everyone throughout the summer and at the Tea.


Taylor White

Friday, July 5 - July 4th Sunfish Race

Four intrepid sailors showed up for the opening race of the SRYC 122nd Racing Season. Justs to makes things interesting, Starter George Earle specified the Birch Island circuit course. Under an overcast sky, a generally stiff beeze propelled the four Sunfish swiftly around the course, with a tight contest between 50, 8, and 51, and 42 close behind. A bold split-tack maneuver by 51 on the last leg paid off and got him past #50, but in the end #8 finished first, followed by #51, #50 and #42. An exciting race!

#51 in third position, but about to split tacks
#8 and #50 are neck & neck

Move by #51 puts him windward of the leaders and ahead of #50

#8 is the winner